Harvard Design School – Daniel Forster


School: Harvard Design School  

Work: Daniel Forster

Project Statement: Residential buildings have heterogeneous unit types of a heterogeneous level of quality.  Dormitories have homogenous unit types of homogenous level of quality.  What happens you strive to have heterogeneous unit types of a homogenous level of quality? His goal is to “create homogenously “good” units that offer different benefits, ranging from view, light, size, roommates, etc.”

Technical Critique: The lighting acheived by the louvers in this project make for soft and subtle curves that are soothing. The effect of the pieces being pulled from the wall look to be a Rhino effect of nurbs manipulation. The louvers are modeled a foot apart and wrap the building, which is a unique way to shade a building, by covering the building as a wrapper. This theme creates a nice privacy effect for the dorm; a building which typically wouldn’t get much privacy. This effect can be acheived by using the Sweep2 Rail tool. To practice using this type of tool work with this tutorial.

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