Tensile & Beauty Meet

Density Fields

Designers: Sci-Arc professors Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu

Work Title: Density Fields

Project Description: Defying classification as either sculpture or architecture, the piece will flex with a gesture that extends imaginary lines of force beyond the small courtyard, seeming to pierce buildings and features in the neighborhood. An “extreme cantilever” built from aluminum and polypropylene rope will hover over the courtyard of Materials & Applications (M&A) in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. The Materials and Applications Space wrote in their coverage of this project that the ”installation consists of two basic materials: (1) an aluminum frame extending up from the ground and out into the space, and (2) a series of fine, tensioned cables pulling the cantilever in the opposite direction — forcing it to hover above the ground.”

Technical Critique: These materials and their method for bringing these pieces together is stunning, isn’t it? The tensile appears almost as if it is woven by a beautifully large silk worm who came upon this sculpture in the middle of the night. It appears as if it is really going beyond the extreme of stability, yet its materials are so delicate that it makes you want to forgive the piece for its subtle awkwardness. The thing that always fascinates me is how one goes from the sketch stage to fabrication. It is the single thin tensioned cables acting as detail pieces that make this piece extraordinary. Usually tensile is stretched over the steel as solid fabric, but this effect is unique and delicate. It will be interesting to see what the Oyler Wu Team has in store for the future.

images by The Materials and Applications Space  

post by lauren taylor white

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