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Title: The Make It Right Project Founded By Brad Pitt

Designers: Morphosis, Pugh + Scarpa, Adjaye, Construct, GRAFT, MVRDV, Shigeru Ban, BNIM, Kieran Timberlake, and 5 Local Architecture Firms

Project Description: Newsflash: Brad Pitt sees destruction and wants to make change.  In reaction to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the government’s inability to solve the problem, Brad Pitt has stepped up to create the MIR Make It Right Organization, which is building green homes on a large scale for victims of the hurricane. The Make It Right site states the project ”settled on the goal of constructing 150 homes, with an emphasis on developing an affordable system that could be replicated.” The project is located in the Lower 9th Ward and aims at “proving that safe homes could and should be rebuilt,” Brad Pitt hopes that this project will be a catalyst for recovery and redevelopment throughout the Lower 9th Ward and across the City of New Orleans.

The Pink Project: He perceived the visual potency of pink houses as a metaphor. Working together with GRAFT, the idea was born to merge film and architecture into an installation that would bring immediate global attention to a pervasive local issue. The idea is that the pink signifies that “they have not been forgotten.”  The MIR site states that “the simple legibility of the pink monopoly house reassembled from smaller individual components intentionally focuses attention on a problem of manageable scale, allowing the individual to physically participate in the installation through donations.”

Technical Critique: It is difficult to review a project like this with anything but high regards. So, without sounding like there is too much sunshine being blown, let’s just say, this project ROCKS. I think it is fantastic that Brad Pitt is showing the world that architecture can be used to help save humanity, not just to make it look shiny. He has assembled teams of architects from around the world who have experience with environmental design and other sophisticated projects. This is not just about the victims of Katrina.  It is about how people should continue relief efforts long after the news has dropped the subject as the hot topic of the week. This project has shown a dedication to practically helping people. It also sheds light on how green building can be an affordable and ACHIEVABLE goal that we should strive for. For anyone who is interested in helping out with Katrina, I urge them to contribute to the Make It Right Foundation. It is going to be a landmark project in humanity relief efforts.  

Find Out More: If you’d like to learn more – check out Archinect’s articles on the Pink Project. Here’s what Archinect is saying about the project “Make it Right is a non-profit organization, founded by Brad Pitt, to act as a catalyst for redevelopment of the Lower Ninth Ward. The organization emphasizes Cradle to Cradle (by William McDonough) ideals, healthy living, and quality design.”

image from Make It Right Project By Brad Pitt

by lauren taylor white

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