Evolo Architecture Competition


Title: Evolo Architecture Competition is coming up Feb 2008

Designers: Above: Marcin Pilsniak from Poland

Designers: Below: Previous winner Mitchell Joachim and Nori Oxman

Project Description: Get Your Computer Game On – Cause the Evolo Competition is coming up! eVolo Architecture competition is open to architects, engineers and designers who want to explore their wicked side of funky architecture. The Skyscraper 08 competitions aims to bring about competition entries that explore the idea of vertical density, particularly in light of the mass sprawl of skyscraper buildings that is being seen in developing nations. These buildings should address environmental and social implications, but do so in an organically stimulating way. Your game must be on to enter this beast, as the competition is fierce. This post featuers last year’s third place winner Mitchell Joachim and Neri Oxman.

How To Build A Profile:
For all you aspiring architecture students out there, there are some shining expamles of things you must put on your resume to be competitive in this industry. This person’s profile is particularly impressive. Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. New York, New York, United States Dr. Joachim completed his doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Architecture: Design and Computation. His dissertation is entitled: Ecotransology – Integrated Design for Urban Mobility. He is faculty at Washington University and Columbia University. Prior to MIT, he accomplished two master’s degree programs: Harvard University MAUD, and Columbia University M.Arch. His BPS was fulfilled through SUNY at Buffalo with honors. Currently he is Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Terreform and Partner with Michael Sorkin Studio. Formally as a researcher at the Media Lab Smart Cities Group, he collaborated with his advisor William J. Mitchell on the General Motors/ Frank O. Gehry Concept Car. In parallel with Gehry Partners in Los Angles, he actively worked as an architect on the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Project. During his time in Cambridge, he has been the Moshe Safdie and Associates Research Fellow award winner and a Martin Family Society Fellow for Sustainability. Previously he has been an architect at Pei, Cobb, Freed and Partners in New York.

Find Out More: If you’d like to learn more -Evolo Architecture Competition.

image from Mitchell Joachim and Evolo Architecture Competition

by lauren taylor white

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