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STUDIO FORMWORK is a superfly architectural visualization and boutique 3D modeling design service. The studio, founded by three family members who all suffer from OCDD Obsessive Compulsive Design Disorder with architecture. Studio Formwork is a full service practice that is making waves with their modern and progressive technical capabilities and rational design philosophies. The partners; Lauren Taylor White, Greg Taylor, and Rachel Glabe Taylor are all visual experts with a list of distinctions including working for firms such as Fosters and Gehry, masters of architecture, international competition winning, best of school architecture such as Harvard, Princeton and the Bartlett, international awards, and published work.

Lauren Taylor White – Specialist in 3d modeling and sustainable building

Masters of Architecture, University of London

Undergrad, Architecture, University of California, Berkeley


Greg Taylor – Specialist in 3d modeling and advanced rendering techniques Linkedin Profile

Masters of Architecture, Harvard

Undergrad, Architecture, Cal Poly


Rachel Glabe Taylor – Specialist in 3d modeling and site design

Masters of Architecture, Princeton, *At Present

Undergrad, Architecture, Cal Poly

THE NAME Comes from Engineered Formwork Systems, a type of Formwork, which are the moulds that are built to set concrete for a building’s structural system. This type of formwork is built with prefabricated modules with a steel frame and covered on the concrete side with material having the wanted surface structure. We chose the name because of the similarities of our practice to the two major advantages of the engineered formwork systems, which are speed of construction and lower life-cycle costs because the frame built is almost indestructible. We are fast, reliable and our imaginations are indestructible.

TYPES OF WORK We specialize in large scale commercial projects and have experience doing both architectural construction documents and rendering work for museums, airports, world class arenas, etc. For a full list of pleae view our Projects Area.

TECHNICALLY SKILLED AND TRAINED DESIGNERS Why choose our digital and design boutique? Many digital design boutiques are not formally trained in architecture, many come from the background of graphic design and production. Studio Formwork, however are not only trained at elite architecture schools and world renouned architecture firms, as a team we have developed a strong sense of how design through the use of our renderings. We solve many site related, use and spatial planning problems during our rendering process. In addition, we have a strong arsenal of the most advanced techniques and programs that we use custom to the type of project you would like to have. Please view our Bios for more information on our particular skill sets.

STAY INFORMED Please check out our BLOG. We post our current thoughts on renderings and buildings that are being designed and built around the world. Our NEWS area will keep you informed of our current press, projects and competitions.

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