Mesh: Cutting The Edge

Mesh: Cutting the Edge of Digital Architecture was done while doing the Masters of Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL, London England.

The book is a compilation of the most cutting edge people and projects behind the walls of the Bartlett. The book was a project that was done in addition to the masters coursework, just because she got really interested in learning more about the exciting things happening at the school, of which there are many.

Published Online With ISSUU

Mesh Studio Formwork Book 8Urban Sanctuary Exterior Rachel GlabeMesh Studio Formwork Book 30Mesh Studio Formwork Book 27Mesh Studio Formwork Book 1Urban Sanctuary Model Rachel GlabeMesh Studio Formwork Book  9Urban Sanctuary Diagram Rachel GlabeDowntown Denver Masterplan Lauren Taylor WhiteMesh Studio Formwork Book 2Tectonics Floors Greg TaylorTectonics Skin Greg TaylorTectonics Drawing Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 23Urban Sanctuary Water In Building Rachel GlabeTectonics Floors Greg TaylorUrban Sanctuary Courtyard Rachel GlabeMesh Studio Formwork Book 11Tectonics Model Study Greg TaylorUrban Sanctuary Top of Buildings Rachel GlabeTectonics Wood Study Greg TaylorUrban Sanctuary Water Ceiling Rachel GlabeTectonics Structure Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 18Urban Sanctuary Interior View Rachel GlabeTectonics Aerial of Model Greg TaylorUrban Sanctuary Section Rachel GlabeTectonics Exterior Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 135Tectonics Interior Perspective Greg Taylor