Research Experience

GOAL IN LIFE: To pursue an in-depth research program that would allow me to investigate methods, tools and processes related to 3D parametric modeling that would allow me to create a modeling tool/process that focused on promoting LEED compliance, cost, speed enhanced performance driven modeling techniques and multidisciplinary interoperability.

RELATED PRIOR RESEARCH INITIATIVES: Here are seven research initiatives that directly exemplify my passion for performance driven design (movie of Architect Neri Oxman) and building new tools that promote more sustainable and efficient 3D modeling techniques. (movie of Roger Frechette, Performative Design Group, State of the Art Sustainable Skyscraper Design)

1. Wuxi Tower, A presentation of Lauren White’s Digital Project techniques and investigations.

2. Environmental Architecture Proposal – Lauren was a lead member in promoting the adoption of integrating sustainable design methods into traditional architecture office design processes.

3. Lauren White – White Paper For Environmenatl Integration and Interoperability using Digital Project and environmental software.

4. Lauren’s Proposal and Presentation regarding her Environmental Analysis Verification Modeling Methods Research.

5. Lauren’s proposal for Substructure, a software application she and William White designed to provide a platform for multidisciplinary sharing of building design information.

6. Lauren’s Substructure Presentation of the Desktop Application

7. Lauren’s design for a desktop application called Performance Parametrics Algorithm Engine. It is designed to streamline the flow of information, storing and running design constraints through geometry in Digital Project and with data from environmental analysis programs.

Tectonics Aerial of Model Greg TaylorUrban Sanctuary Exterior Rachel GlabeTectonics Structure Greg TaylorTectonics CadCam Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 3Mesh Studio Formwork Book 15Urban Sanctuary Perspective Rachel GlabeTectonics Drawing Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 3Tectonics Evening Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 28Urban Sanctuary Courtyard Rachel GlabeUrban Sanctuary Water Diagram Rachel GlabeMesh Studio Formwork Book 21Mesh Studio Formwork Book 13Urban Sanctuary Therapy Spaces Rachel GlabeUrban Sanctuary Model Rachel GlabeUrban Sanctuary Top of Buildings Rachel GlabeMesh Studio Formwork Book 30Mesh Studio Formwork Book 20Mesh Studio Formwork Book 22Tectonics Bio Bones Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 1Tectonics Skin Greg TaylorUrban Sanctuary Aerial Rachel GlabeMesh Studio Formwork Book 25Urban Sanctuary Public Circulation Rachel GlabeTectonics Aerial Greg TaylorMesh Studio Formwork Book 135Tectonics Wood Study Greg Taylor