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Solar Skin By Studio Formwork

Press Release: Studio Formwork has just released the designs for a lightweight inflatable solar skin. This SOlar skIN is made of lightweight inflatable polymer and foam tubing that is 2 1/2 feet long and 1 1/2 feet wide. The panel has a solar mirror parabolic ellipse collector on the inner tube of the inflatable polymer [...]

Portfolio – Rachel Glabe
Portfolio - Rachel Glabe

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Metropolis Magazine Next Generation Entry
Metropolis Magazine Next Generation Entry

Title: Solar Waterpod Water Filter and Heating Unit With Inflatable Tent For Evacuees and Refugee Camps Designers: Studio Formwork – Greg Taylor, Lauren Taylor White and Rachel Glabe Project Description: The solar waterpod is an affordable emergency relief filtering system, floating tent system that can provide an easy way for families to escape in a [...]

Rachel Glabe Wins AIA Competition

AIA has announced that Rachel Glabe has won second prize in the national competition for pediatric housing!

Water Wall
Water Ceiling
Axo Study

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